As the Wichita area began to shut down in preparation for the arrival of Covid 19 pandemic, Dr. Bradley R. Dart MD saw what was happening to healthcare professionals in other cities that were in the midst of the pandemic and thought that Wichita could be better prepared to support frontline workers who would be under immense pressure.  Dr. Dart, an Orthopedic surgeon and Wichita native, reached out to nonprofit community organizations as well as local healthcare, media and marketing organizations to pull together a team.  The team quickly assessed that a wide range of businesses, organizations and individuals had a desire to support frontline workers, but didn’t have a central way to provide that support. 

ICT Together was born in March 2020, with a mission to connect organizations and individuals who want to help frontline workers with the frontline workers who need assistance.

ICT SOS offered to collect financial donations to the frontline medical workers who are combating COVID-19 in the Wichita community.

Funds raised will help provide resources such as:

  • Decontamination education for healthcare workers and their families
  • Kits for medical workers recovering or quarantining at home
  • Hotel costs for those who must isolate from their families
  • Food/groceries for frontline workers to pick up at the hospitals instead of decontaminating at home before going back out to the store

Local web developers worked quickly to assemble a site at where organizations can list offers of support and connect to ICT SOS to make financial donations. Most importantly, the site provides a single source for local frontline workers to find resources that are being provided to help improve their lives while they risk their health to protect the community.

As the need evolves through this crisis and others that will follow, ICT Together will adapt to serve the needs of frontline workers and serve as a single connecting point for the organizations and individuals who want to offer support.